It is the mission of FalconRidge Equine Rescue, Inc. to improve equine physical, emotional and mental well-being so that their lives are enriched, and they have a positive, healthy future.

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Silver Moon was adopted from the BLM online adoptions site from Colorado. She was a grey yearling mustang filly listed under the “Special Adoptions” section. Silver Moon had severe nerve damage to her face after getting her head stuck in the BLM holding facilities at Canon City. One side of her face drooped and mouth was agape. BLM staff had to clean out her mouth daily to remove food. I looked at her picture and knew she would have a hard time getting adopted. I contacted the BLM, filled out the paperwork and arranged transport for her to come to FalconRidge in California. When she arrived, it was apparent the nerve damage to her face was healing and her mouth no longer hung open. She was put out in a pasture and allowed to run and grow and play. Later, she was trained under saddle with no problems. She grew and was blossoming year after year. Silver Moon was adopted out to a loving home in Livermore, CA where she continues to receive training and has competed at shows. She has turned from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan and we are so proud of her. Here are her before and after pictures: